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    Term insurance is undoubtedly the purest form of risk mitigation. Most term insurance policies include a terminal illness rider/Cancer Rider with an additional cost, a critical illness cover is offered as an additional option. Cancer would come under the critical illness bucket, and you should definitely opt for it. What is an Insurance Rider? Generally, a rider is a supplement to a standard insurance … Read more
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    Credit card is a wonderful facility provided by the banks. Credit cards are one of the most useful financial products if used in the right way. However, they can go bad if they fall into the wrong hands as they can harm your health. Credit cards are a financial instrument that helps customers to get credit without any loan application or documents. You can … Read more
  • Is Credit Card An Asset or Liability?
    Many people do not understand that, are credit cards assets or liabilities? Although credit cards can be both assets and liabilities, it depends on how they are used. Credit card money does not belong to the credit card holder. This money belongs to the bank. This is the kind of loan that you have instant access to. Hence a credit card is a liability … Read more
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    We all love our family very much. When an accident happens to someone, we all share in their grief. But in life death is a reality for everyone whereas we may not like to think about death. It sometimes comes on very quickly, causing emotional pain as well as financial hardship. Emotionally everyone supports your family but financially no one supports. Having life insurance … Read more
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    Floods can come anywhere and floods can be costly. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, just one inch of water can cost up to $25,000 in repairs. In the US alone, according to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, floods kill more people each year than tornadoes, hurricanes or lightening. According to federal statistics, floods are the number one disaster in the country. The … Read more
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