3 Reasons You Need to Own Gold Today


In today's time everyone is looking for a way to beat inflation as well as diversify and strengthen their savings? Are you also one of them?

Is gold a safe haven for savings?, a hedge against inflation or a way to make money? Well, gold may be part of the answer.

It is no accident that for thousands of years gold has been known throughout the world as a currency, store of value and investment. Learn more why buying gold is a smart move.

We all have definitely experienced inflation at one time or the other. The government prints money, the dollar drops in value and everything from pickles to pickups becomes more expensive.

Inflation in 2022 was worse than in 40 years but gold has historically maintained its value over time, making it an ideal asset to hedge against inflation.

Including physical gold in your portfolio provides diversification, as the precious metal doesn't often move in the direction of stocks and bonds.

Sometimes losses in stocks or bonds can be offset by gains in gold. Stocks and bonds have both had a terrible 2022, but gold is basically unchanged.

Physical gold is easy to transport when needed, making it possible for investors to quickly access their money when needed for any reason.

If you ever need to revise your holdings, they both offer a simple repurchase program, no questions asked.

There's a reason almost every sophisticated investor has at least a portion of their portfolio in gold. It simply provides benefits that other investments do not.

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