How to Achieve Your Financial Goals in 2023


If you've ever found making New Year's resolutions pointless, anxiety-inducing or impossible, maybe you need a little help.

Following are several doable and attainable financial goals for the new year, and a bunch of tools to help you get there.

You don't need to get super ambitious and conquer them all - just try what works for you.

If you feel that your savings account is not paying you anything in interest, then you have to consider other options.

If you have outstanding debt, perhaps your goals for 2023 include eliminating your outstanding debt. For this, first start with credit card debt.

If you want to improve your credit score, commit to working on this worthy goal, monitoring your credit regularly with your free annual report and score, and using websites like Credit Sesame.

If you are ready to earn more on your savings but not ready for a big commitment, then pledge to take small steps into the world of investing with micro-investment app Acorns.

How many cable channels do you have and how many of them do you watch? Skip cable and get the shows you really want.

Certainly one of the most popular resolutions each year is the resolution to get in shape, which has nothing to do with money.

You can turn boredom into cash by taking paid surveys. One place to do this is Swagbucks, which rewards you for watching videos, shopping online, playing games, and taking surveys.

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